iCurveball by Oz Pearlman and Bryan Yan


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Curveball has been completely redesigned for iPhone (all models)

Ask a spectator to take out THEIR Phone and open THEIR address book. Have them scroll through the names in THEIR address book and stop anytime they want. Have them focus on that person. You will reveal the name of the person and sometimes extra bits of personal information you couldn’t possibly have known. Perfect for walk-around. Perfect for street. Perfect for school. Perfect for work.

Bonus effect: Guess your spectator’s iPhone password. This is one of Oz’s favorite effects to perform at his walk-around gigs. Ready to go straight into your act.


  • Completely impromptu.
  • Uses the spectator’s phone.
  • No mirrors.
  • No gimmicks.
  • No stooges.
  • No special software.

Your spectator must have a certain type of phone for Curveball to work (many different models work, but one type is best). This type of phone is extremely popular. You just need one person in a group that has a phone that will work and you’re off to the races. We run into people with this type of phone all the time.