Iain Dunford – Devil May Care (official pdf)


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A book for mentalists. I consider mentalism at its most powerful, is when it is combined with the ability to give readings. It adds depth, it personalises what can be quite dry information. Readings are also somewhat dangerous and can be difficult to do and still remain ethical and not encourage a negative and potentially damaging belief and reliance on them. I show you how to avoid that. This book also contains a few little inventions relating to envelopes and billets. No routines as such, but you will learn how i structure readings when combined with design duplications, with a careful breakdown on what exactly is going on. You will even get to learn a very simple visually driven way to give a simple, fun reading that might start off looking like palmistry, but definitely isn’t. So in summary – readings, envelopes, billets. I do expect you to have studied the classics.