Henry Evans – Jumping Matches (VERY easily DIYable & you mostly have gimmick already!) Download INSTANTLY ↓

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They name ANY number, and on cue, EXACTLY THAT MANY toothpicks jump out of THEIR HAND. A truly unforgettable and eerie experience!

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Jumping Matches by Henry Evans

The effect starts with the magician showing a matchbox to the audience.
The magician pours the matches out of the box, asks an spectator to hold the matchbox in their hand and while placing some matches inside it, the performer asks the spectator to choose a free number. After a good amount of matches is placed inside the box, the magician does a magic movement and most of the matches fly out of the matchbox. Only a few matches remain inside it. The exact amount of matches inside the box, match the number chosen by the spectator.

It includes a Toothpicks Version with a similar handling.

The conditions of the effect are beyond impressive; magic happens in the spectator hands and the number is freely chosen by the spectator. Completely examinable before and after the effect.

It’s a very visual effect, easy to perform, no hard techniques required. Performable on multiple scenarios.