Helder Sousa – Honest Love

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A real worker card magic routine

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Honest Love is Helder Sousa’s version of Eddie Fetcher’s routine “Be Honest What’s it?” which he performs at every event he does.

Basically 2 cards transform into cards with the names of the bride&groom and a message. Or into the corporate logo of a company, the birthday cake for someone and so on.

It’s a real worker, easy to do and you can customize to every event. It’s about them and that’s the real strength of this routine.

You get an ebook with 4095 words, 21 pages and 11 pictures with everything about this card routine. Presentation, method and the reasons for every move and detail. There are also 3 brief essays.


Who and what?
What they see?
What do you need?
Presentation & Method
Other Events
The importance of the words
The Presentations
The Pauses and the Silence
Last Words