Guy Hollingworth – Hollingworth Collection (The London Collection, Routines, and The Reformation + Bonus Material)


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Back in 2009 we began a voyage to produce a project that possessed potential to transform the world of magic. In the spring of 2014 that journey culminates with the release of the Hollingworth Collection, and needless to say, our groundbreaking expectations have been far surpassed.

With the aid of the Hollingworth Collection, a compendium of original and updated material spanning The London Collection, Routines, and The Reformation, we are confident that Guy will influence you, much like he did us, for the better.

In addition, the Hollingworth Collection contains exclusive content featuring a 20 minute interview, vintage videos, and The Interval – a collection of sleight of hand techniques originally published in Guy’s book, Drawing Room Deceptions.