Guise by Jamie Daws (official ebook)

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For years I have obsessed over mentalism systems and presentations. In this collection, discover some of my favorite effects and methods to create some truly out of the box mentalism. Be warned, this isn’t intended for the beginner. Confidence and prior experience with mentalism is advised. Here is what is included:

blind-four: Four spectators each take roughly a quarter of the deck, They take their packet below the table and mix them freely. Then they’re instructed to take out any card and not to let go of it. To make things even more random, they then switch the remainder of their cards with someone else. These packets are turned over and their selections (that they have never let go of) go back into their respective packets so that one card is the opposite way. The cards are then once again freely mixed and brought above the table. The cards are spread and each spectator takes out the one card they have turned the opposite way. Incredibly, as if they were themselves harboring some kind of psychic energy, unbelievably each person has turned over an ace!

Note: There are no gimmicks or extra ‘substances’ used. A borrowed deck and the system is all you need to perform. Once the spectators take the cards under the table, the performer does not touch the cards ever again. Everything is achieved by the spectators actions. No hidden cards and the deck is instantly re-set and ready to go afterwards. – blind-four comes with an accompanying downloadable video.

blind-two: Another handling of blind-four but this time with two spectators and two elastic bands! – blind-two comes with an accompanying streaming video.

coercion: Using only two pieces of paper and two pens, you not only read your spectators mind, but you teach them to read yours in return! Released years ago, I was never fully happy with the ending. It left the performer dirty and meant the cards couldn’t be left on the table. So after tweaking and working it, it’s now a beautiful little piece of mind reading that can be done in a moments notice! – coercion comes with an accompanying streaming video.

weatherman: Using a stack of business cards, switch folded billets invisibly and peek secret information with no suspicious movements and with no evidence of you obtaining a peek. I have no doubts there will be tons of ideas with this one!

serendipity: Taken from my 2018 lecture, serendipity is a drawing duplication like non before it. One spectator somehow draws the image another spectator was only thinking of. And to top it of, you of course predicted the outcome before anyone even arrived! Inspired by the work of Atlas Brookings, the method is clever, sneaky and absolutely fooling. There’s a lot going on but the end result is an incredibly clean drawing duplication which looks like real mind reading and influence!