GrupoKaps LIVE Lecture – Luis Piedrahita – Genio y figura (September 24th, 2017) (Spanish audio only, no english subtitle)


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This lecture has only spanish audio and no english subtitles.

Luis will show us in a little more than 2 hours of duration, his conception of magic with coins, we also show us a miracle with cards. His success in “El Hormiguero”, a reality tv show, with one of the largest audience in Spain, has not come as a gift. Intelligence, Creativity and good taste, is the perfect words to describe the magic of Luis Piedrahita.

At this conference, Luis will explain “some of his most popular effects, like his favorite techniques, and leave us his conception of magic with coins, and many other topics of interest, in an interesting interview conducted by Paco Agrado.

Tricks made live for the public displaced for the occasion, to the study of Gkaps, and explained in detail.