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We believe that modern magic should be either visual or dead. We see the future in eye candy magic and brilliant sleight-of-hand. Fortunately, our Gimmick’d project requires minimal amount of skill: all 6 gimmicks are reliable and will perform most of the ‘dirty work’ instead of you. Hand-crafted by our very own Vitaly Chaban, these special cards are discreet, incredibly thin look almost exactly like regular Rider Backs.

Gimmick – a trick or device intended to attract public attention. Gimmicks by December Boys are 6 special and flap cards, which will change your spectator’s perception of card magic once and forever.

Impossible Change. Our favourite gimmicked card. Looks like a stop motion trick in real life. A card changes it’s back colour in a snap, even the camera couldn’t catch the moment of the transformation. You can utilize this gimmick in full routines, like Chicago Opener, or simply perform the colour change while bamboozled spectators will try hard to burn you without success. Available in colours: Red (colour change from blue to red card) and Blue (colour change from red to blue).

Prediction. Turn gibberish symbols into a clear prediction within a blink of an eye. That prediction could be a spectator’s card, thought-of word, name, any symbol or logo. These gimmicks are shipped without any writings. So it’s up to you to decide what should be drawn on these cards. Become an open-minded artist and don’t limit your imagination. These are available in colours: Red and Blue (we recommend red since black sharpie on them is more visible).

Bill2Card. Has your trick hit a deadlock? Can’t seem to find the spectator’s card? There’s a lucky bill ready to help. You take a 1 UAH bill out of your pocket and… turn it into selected card. Arguably the most unexpected kicker in any routine.

Bite Card. It’s time to feed your hunger! A classic effect of bite out card and its restoration. You can make believe you’re biting the card of the spectator or show it as a separate effect.

Penetration. Another one classics: a pencil, straw, cigarette goes thru a playing card. Spectator witnesses the object going through without leaving a hole. This magic trick could be shown both with spectator’s card and with a random card, though it will require some misdirection in the first case.

Moving Hole. That’s a very old and popular principle of a hole moving across the back of a playing card. It seems impossible, but with a bare finger movements you’ll be able to make the hole vanish and reappear on the other side of the card. Twice. And then as a bonus – you can transfer that hole to another card.

Gimmick’d consists of 6 magic effects for Bicycle Rider Back (Standard) playing cards. The gimmicked cards are available in Red and Blue colours. For all-inclusive performances we recommend getting a matching deck of cards. Attention: if mishandled, the mechanism of some gimmicks may stop working. To learn how to use the gimmicked cards properly, how to fix them on your own, which basic effects and bonus ideas could be implemented, please refer to our dedicated instructional video. When purchasing all 6 gimmicks, you get the tutorial for free. Regarding custom gimmicks creation, please reach us via email: [email protected]