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I am very happy to show you this routine with the explanation! This is a new version of my original routine, Florentine Assembly. I think this version is definitely better than the original one. At the beginning of the routine I added a new production of 4 coins, using new techniques I have created in the last years. Very importantly: you’ll find a new method for the final Climax of the Jumbo coin. And thanks to this amazing method, and with this new version, the routine becomes a “coin- act”, which can be presented live in any situation!

Act: 3 minutes
Explanation: 28 minutes


Magic by Giacomo Bertini

Music: Original song “Florentine Coins” composed and played by Dane Certificate

Video graphics by Livio Spalletti

Photo by Riccardo Faldi

All Right Reserved ©2023 by Giacomo Bertini