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Learn a BRAND NEW FULL SHOW from the living legend of street magic that will leave your audience gasping with amazement and laughter.

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The Bad Boy of Busking is back. He’s taking his street skills to the big stage, and he’s taking you along for the ride. Gazzo spent five years transforming his street show into a powerhouse theatrical performance that he’s brought to stages across the world. It’s funny, whip-smart magic that blows the roof off of every audience. Now, he’s teaching the entire thing. This is The Black Bag Show by Gazzo.

The Black Bag Show includes a complete half-hour-long show filmed in front of a live audience. It features incredible card magic, mind reading, an impossible card in orange, and of course, Gazzo’s incredible approach to the Egg Bag. You’ll see multiple performances of the show to get a real feeling for how the show changes when he performs for adults and children. The Black Bag Show is a true masterclass from a modern legend of magic.

What’s in the show:

The Card Opener
A young audience member is brought on stage and asked to select a card. No matter how many times they try to select a different card, they keep discovering the same card over and over again. When they are finally able to select a new card, the magician reveals that two was a manipulation when they produce a jumbo card that matches the new selection. This hilarious routine uses a signed card and is incredibly easy to perform.

The Egg Bag
Gazzo’s comedy Egg Bag routine was born on the streets, honed in theaters, and now you get the full and complete work on this incredible routine. A silver coin is put into a black bag. The coin vanishes, and the bag is thoroughly examined by your onstage volunteer. After confirming the coin is gone and the bag is empty, an egg appears in the bag. The egg then vanishes from the bag, and the spectator again confirms the bag is empty. The egg reappears inside the bag, and then another and another and another egg are also produced from the bag. The magician is able to produce four eggs from a small empty cloth bag.

Signed Card In Orange
The unbelievable finale of the show starts with the magician producing an orange from their armpit. The orange is cut open, and the spectator’s card that was selected and signed at the very beginning of the show is discovered inside the orange. This is a practical method for an iconic trick that brings the house down every time.

Gags & Business
This show is so much more than just three tricks. It’s jam-packed with multiphase magic routines and hilarious gags and jokes that give you great on-stage moments with your spectators. You’ll see three full performances from Gazzo at the Moisture Festival in Seattle and learn all of the gags and jokes that you can adapt for your own show.

Gazzo teaches everything. Not just the tricks. He teaches you the rhythm, the lines, the timing, the gags, and the bits of business that make this show rock the house. In addition to the tutorial, you will also be privy to a full interview with Gazzo on the art of performing. He leaves nothing out. He holds nothing back. Everything is there in The Black Bag Show.