Gary Jones – Penguin Live Lecture (November 6th, 2016)


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“Every time I meet up with Gary he fools the heck out of me!” – Cameron Francis

“Gary has the ability to simplify the hardest of effects, and creates really workable and highly commercial magic.” –  Dave Forrest

“One of the best lectures I’ve ever seen.” – Chris Williams

What will he teach?

Coin to Spectator’s Pockets – Repeat body loading technique
Curzon Aces – Comedy effect with a strong climax
6 Cards to Pocket – The last card problem has been fixed
On Your Face – A comedy take to a Paul Harris classic
Interlace – This one catches magicians
Pocket/Pocket/Pocket – A signed selection jumps to three different pockets, and more…
Top Con -Gary’s convincing card control to the top of the deck!!
OOSOOM – Gary’s thought of cards deck fully explained
Thoughts – Think of a card special deck fully explained
Not Chosen/Best magician in the World – Easy to make trick decks
3C – Coins appear in fire, vanish, and then all end up in the pocket
Coins Across/Tosheroon – A lesson in getting one ahead
Rock/Paper/Scissors – Strong mentalism routine which is 100% self-working
34/65 – A multiple climax self-working mental routine
Fire Cups – The easiest cups and balls routine…..Ever!
Melt – The image of a selected card appears on spectator’s own phone
Metal Sheep – A modern take on a classic, a new handling…all the coins are examined
Coin Bend Plus – A self-working coin bend and other applications
Bag4Life – A self-working coin penetration of a clear bag
Dobson’s Choice – A super easy Free Will type effect
Floss – A borrowed ring tied to a length of dental floss penetrates
Ring and Pins – A borrowed ring is placed onto a marked safety pin, it jumps onto an unmarked pin, super easy to do

Who is he?

Gary has travelled the world performing at Corporate Events, Private Parties, Conferences, Weddings and Product Launches in London, Paris, Madrid, Casablanca, Lisbon, Marbella, Nice, Barcelona and Seville. Gary is also the resident Magician at The Thurlestone Hotel for the seventh year, and has been one of the three resident magicians at the Brend Hotel Group for the last 25 years. Gary is a member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star.

Gary has produced many DVDs and effects, iCandy, Dupes and the current Automata series to name but a few.

Gary’s lecture will cover close-up magic, cabaret and mentalism, and will be a mix of sleight of hand and many self-working but very strong effects. Gary will also discuss his techniques for misdirection, how to routine effects and give a talk on pocket management and valuable tips on how to survive as a full-time magician.