G – Penguin Live Lecture (June 10th, 2018)

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“I’ve always been a big fan of G’s work for many years! Everything G has created is streamline, easy to understand, and leaves people with strong impact. In the perfect world of magic, this is exactly what we need. Every single effect in his lecture is a worker. You can’t miss this!” – Patrick Kun

“G is always trying to push the boundaries of the art of magic forward, in a way very few artists can do!”– Yif

“G’s lecture draws the line between other magicians, his lecture will change your magic a lot!” – Akira Fujii

What will he teach?

Merlot- An elegant and visual opener for mentalism, breathing new life into the classic vanishing bottle.

ThumbPrint – The best tagging device to date, no palming, completely customizable, always ready to go, reset in seconds.

Amnesia- An impromptu way to cause spectator to experience the amnesia effect, with just a pen and a piece of paper.

Ouija- A revolutionary haunted deck with a borrowed deck, you are able to shuffle, cut, and leave the deck even it’s “connected”, the best part is you end completely clean.

iCon- The “camera” icon is pulled out of spectator’s borrowed phone by surprise, not only the icon can take a photo with a flash, the photo is now stored in spectator’s phone as souvenir.

Banana- A random spectator’s name appears on the banana in natural brown spots fashion.

Light Bulb- A drawn lightbulb on a piece of paper comes to life.

V2F- A signed card visually vanishes in a gradually and ends up in a surprising impossible location, completely impromptu with updated handling.

Little Heart- A heart emoji is sent to the spectator with smart phone on the Facebook messenger. Magician pinches the heart and pull it out from the spectator’s own phone, and it becomes a red heart-shaped chocolate.

Pure Imagination- A double blank card is signed by spectator, and it turns into the card the spectator thought of in their own hands. With updated handling, no deck is used and a new ending to prevent reverse engineering.

Shooting Star- A strip of wish paper instantly becomes an origami star, making spectator’s wish come true.

Who is he?

G is a special being, he does not have a name, everyone knows him as “G”, and he always dresses the same 24/7. G does not have a website, business card or any video footage online. G is a thinker, performer, creator, and magic consultant. He has consulted for many of China’s TV programs: “Magic Miracle”, “Miracle Moment”, and “The Amazing Magician”. He has also consulted for Yif’s TV special and appeared in one of Yif’s TV special himself. (The only video).

G is known for his creative thinking. he has done 7 lecture tours in Taiwan over the past 10 years, and more than 200 people attended in one lecture, breaking the record in Taiwan in 2016. (Lu Chen had 103). G has published over 100 original ideas/effects/moves, including some major release: V2F, Imagine, Emerge, Blossom; and some that are only exclusive in Taiwan: iCash, Pyro Pen, Shooting Star, Phantom, ThumbPrint, etc.

G is also one of the major pushers behind the scenes in the Taiwan Magic Circle. He is the first person to translate magic book from English to Chinese in Taiwan, Chinese/English Magic Terminology Wikipedia, and promoting legal magic products etc. G has helped the growth of magic in Taiwan and has inspired many people and many others to come.