Fred Lee – Unconventional Warfare Access Instantly!


3 professional card routines designed to entertain the masses and slay the skeptics

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You get 3 powerful card magic routines that will wow your audiences!

No gimmicks!

Can use a borrowed deck!

Something for all skill levels!

You are getting secrets from a working pro that has wowed celebrities and the world’s elite using these exact routines!

Here’s what you get:

Psychic test – A spectator thinks of ANY PLAYING CARD in a SHUFFLED PACK. They use their newly acquired psychic powers to cut to their thought of card!

SCAAN (Selected Card At “Any” Number) – A simple, commercial method to accomplish the any card at any number effect.

Knuckle Sandwich – Fred’s signature sandwich routine that was designed to destroy skeptics. With this sandwich routine, you can start off on the right foot by shutting down hecklers while being under test conditions!