Foundations 2 by Jason England


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FOUNDATIONS 2 contains SEVEN hand-picked card handling techniques with intricate, comprehensive studio instruction. Jason England is internationally renowned as a master card technician, exhibiting unrivaled proficiency in performance of some of the most technically challenging moves ever devised.

Seven practical moves. 3.5 hours of instruction. One massive DVD.

The result of months of production on the part of Jason England and theory11, FOUNDATIONS represents a collection of exclusive content originally released as seven separate downloadable training videos – now available together at 30% OFF the regular price.

Jam packed in one DVD is the Classic PassDouble LiftPinky CountGambler’s CopPush Off Second DealRiffle Stacking, and the elusive Zarrow Shuffle (taught with permission).

Learn a unique set of tools whose utility stretches from applications in magic tricks to hardcore card hustling. This is a study in sleight-of-hand that both the beginner and advanced performer may practice in pursuit of distant perfection. Do YOU have what it takes?

Want more? Check out the original FOUNDATIONS video to see where it all started.