Etienne Pradier (October 8th, 2017) – Penguin Live Lecture


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“Etienne speaks English much better than I can speak French. I’ve seen him conjuring for British royalty — and the fact that he understands even them is the most impressive feat in his repertoire.”– Teller

“Certainly not a household name here in the States but I had heard his name. I was delighted to see that Etienne and I were on the same bill at Blackpool. His wry delivery and hysterical presentation won me over immediately. Clearly, here was a working pro who had the crowd in the palm of his hands. Just because you may not recognize his name, you should tune into this lecture and then, maybe, he’ll be more of a household name over here. Enjoy, I know I will.” – Doc Eson

“Etienne is a great thinker, creator and performer — and his French accent makes it all sound better!”– Gregory Wilson

What will he teach?

Bottle Production
Fork Bend/ Broken Glass, Broken Fingers
Card Behind the Back
Signed Card Routine
Test of Love
Money Around the World
Very Easy Card Trick
Omni Deck Twist
First Kiss
Memory Test
Card to Mouth
Magic Castle Routine
Card Under Pen
Barking Dog
Pablo Aces
Sola Para Mi
Ring to Wallet
Watch Force
Coins Traveller
Card in Bottle
Bottle Through Table

and more!

Who is he?

Born in France, Etienne became fascinated by magic at an early age and rapidly made a name for himself as a truly gifted close-up magician that was assured to be “going somewhere.” And he did … twice!

He moved to England and achieved international recognition as one of the world’s finest close-up table magicians. After only 3 years as a member of the elite ‘Magic Circle’, he was invited to take membership of the ‘Inner Magic Circle, with Gold Star’ in recognition of his excellence as a professional magician

Etienne has worked all around the world performing his magic at many top venues including Windsor Castle, St. James, and Eastwell Manor.

Etienne has won many awards during his 25 years of performing magic at the highest level. He is one of only 200 people to be presented a gold star membership and been promoted to the Inner Magic Circle. He won Magic Circle Magician of the Year, Colombe d’or France, 3rd in the world Championship Holland, and All Winner Champion Cup in England.