Eric Stevens – Seeing Double (Instant Download)


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A new set of classically-styled notes from Eric Stevens that contain the following effects:

DE-CENT – A half dollar magically grows into a jumbo coin as it falls from one hand to the other.

STARDUST – A unique take on the classic cigarette-through-quarter plot where a pencil penetrates through the shadow of a borrowed coin.

BILL OF RIGHTS – A highly visual bill change.

THUMBLESS TIP – An unorthodox yet totally fooling way of using an old prop to create astounding magic for close-up, parlour AND stage situations.

FIELD-O-VISION – A fun piece that can be performed either seriously or comically. The participant holds a randomly selected card to their forehead yet the magician (or anybody else in the room that THEY choose) is able to tell them what it is. NO marked cards used.

OPEN-FACED PASS – Eric’s handling of the classic Herrmann pass that adds an extra level of deceptiveness.

FLIKBAND – Eric has reworked the silly old jumping rubber band trick that you find in joke books into a stunningly cool moment of mystery.

[62 pages, PDF format]

*Some of the effects described within will require one or more props to be purchased separately.*