Eric Jones – Penguin Live Lecture (January 29th, 2017)


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“Eric Jones does some of the cleanest, smoothest, and most artful magic I’ve ever seen. And if that wasn’t enough, his magic also happens to be totally mystifying!” Ken Weber, Author of Maximum Entertainment

“Eric’s hands do things that our minds can’t understand. If he’s teaching, I’m watching!!” Larry Wilmore, Writer, Comedian, Host of The Nightly Show

“Eric Jones magic is always a delight to see. I love his pace, his style, his powerful tricks, and his great charisma. Eric is a great magician and an unique performer!” Woody Aragon

Who is he?

Regarded by his peers as one of Magic’s Rising Stars, Eric Hones has made quite a name for himself in the world of close-up magic. Armed with cunning sleight of hand and a charming personality, he will astound you with his digital dexterity. He creates intimate miracles for you and your guests, with the magic quite often taking place in your hands. When Eric performs, cards fly, coins multiply, and audiences cheer.

An award winning performer, Eric’s magic has been showcased at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, and NYC’s Monday Night Magic, the longest running show in New York. As an author, creator, and lecturer, Eric fits sharing some of his pet tricks with countless magicians across the country, including the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada, into his busy schedule. Eric’s corporate clientele constantly call back for repeat bookings.

What will he teach?

This lecture includes:

Surrogate — One of Eric’s favorite openers. A color changing deck you have to see to believe!

Flash Coins Relit – This is staple in Eric’s strolling repertoire. Coins appear and vanish at your fingertips, at your command.

A discussion on Coins Across in Three Acts:

1. Peregrination — A workhorse coins across routine that Eric performs EVERY SINGLE DAY!

2. Speed Fly — A warm up exercise Eric uses to warm up his hands to prepare for shows. Imagine a 3-Fly routine with NO EXTRA Coins, and NO GIMMICKED COINS!

3. Impossible Coins Across — The real work on the routine that fooled Penn and Teller on National Television. Coins appear and vanish in THE SPECTATORS’ HANDS in the most impossible ways.

Eye Candy — Eric’s handling of a traditional sponge ball routine is chock full of audience management to keep you one step ahead at all times.

Spectatorial Triangulation — a discussion on an essay Eric wrote for his upcoming 2017 lecture notes designed to allow the performer to gauge if angle-sensitive material will work in a specific environment and how to make that material play in less than favorable conditions, with just a simple statement.