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A collection of original sleight of hand techniques and routines by New York magician, Eric Goldfarb.

Explained is a new approach to “topping the deck” or palming a single card off the top of the deck. Eric’s method, called the Startling Palm, allows the fingers to remain open and free while the hand is able to relax and yet still invisibly retain a palmed card. Eric goes over many applications for this technique, including loading it into pockets, in the card box, and back on top of the deck as either a replacement or a color change – which is an altogether separate technique included called the G-Force Change.

Loaded is a new utility move for loading a card secretly inside a box. Unlike other methods, Eric has figured out a way to visibly show a card inside of the box before removing it. Loaded has many applications which Eric goes over in detail. One of our favorites completely disguises the move and can be used to switch out any card in the box for another.

Combining both these techniques, Eric then teaches two of his signature effects, Metamorphosis (shown) and Reloaded.