ELIXIR Magazine – (all 4 Issues) – (Limited/Out of Print)


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I am currently putting the finishing touches on a new magic periodical called Elixir, which I am going to release this September. This magazine has been in the works for over half a decade and is a tribute to magazines like Richard’s Almanac, Kabbala, Trapdoor, Apocalypse, Epilogue, and so on. It contains an assortment of close-up effects (mostly with cards) and is accompanied by terrific illustrations.

Some of the wonderful contributors to the magazine are — Bill Goodwin, Jon Racherbaumer, Allan Hagen, Steve Beam, Michael Kras, Peter Pellikaan, Ryan Plunkett, as well as many others!

There are four issues of Elixir in its first year as well as eight supplemental issues. One of which is for sleights and small effects (Wisps) and the other (Ashes) contains small editorials, as well as credits and acknowledgments.