Edward Marlo – Ed Marlo’s Secret Lecture (VHS quality)


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There is an unbelievable story surrounding this rare and, until now, lost footage of Ed Marlo. Last year our friend Rick was left a VHS collection by a deceased friend. In it was a video marked “Ed Marlo” that he couldn’t identify. After a digital conversion and some intense research, we were able to play the video. And there was Ed Marlo…with sound, with relatively clear picture quality, doing FANTASTIC card material, taking questions, and teaching things that we had never seen before.

It turns out that in 1983, Ed Marlo made a famous west coast appearance, and this is the footage from that lecture. Now is your chance to see and study with an undisputed legend of card magic. And he doesn’t disappoint. The highlights include a Shank Shuffle explanation, two startling color changes, and numerous other routines and moves. One former Marlo associate, upon viewing the footage, said, “This is the finest footage of Ed I’ve ever seen. Finally, we have footage of him completely at ease, at the top of his game.”

We should be clear that this footage is understandably old and affected by time. There are no close-ups and it was not filmed with the intention of teaching intricate card moves. Still, it’s possible to see and learn and enjoy Ed Marlo from this footage, and we offer this download as a rare insight into this fascinating, legendary man.

Running time: 31 minutes.