e-Sorcery By Ian Hamilton (Instant Download)


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A super easy way to make a DIY electronic peek whiteboard using items you source from local stores and also online you can make an electronic peek whiteboard that transmits an image direct to your apple or android device for less than quarter of the price of the other devices on the market

“WOW! Ian… man this is a great idea!…Watching your video this evening blew my mind so much that I instantly ordered all of the necessary items to make one of your boards” – Blake Vogt

” I saw this at the convention and have to say it’s quite stunning!” – Jamie Badman

” I love it” – Shaun dunn


In order to make the product you would need to purchase certain items totalling around $250 depending on where you purchase them

The main item can be shipped worldwide however depending on your country ( exc Europe , USA , UK ) contact us through the facebook group to find out a final cost of the main item needed as it may add considerable cost to the items needed to purchase

after purchase join the e-Sorcery facebook ( search e-Sorcery ) group for links to purchase the perfect whiteboards and the Blackboard hack

No electronic skills are needed and within just a few minutes you will have a electronic impression device capable of transmitting over 50m to your own smartphone device

Compatible devices are:

Requires iOS 9 or higher
Following devices or newer:
iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus

Requires iOS 9 or higher
Following devices or newer:
iPad (3rd gen.), iPad Mini, iPad Pro

Android is coming soon as in beta testing at the moment