E.E – MANOEDA- A Mental Which Hand

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MANOEDA- A Mental Which Hand is an impromptu, prop-less and sure-fire Which Hand routine that does not require the use of a physical coin (Although you can use one)

This will allow you not only to KNOW where the coin is, but will also allow you to PREDICT where is going to be.

Anywhere and anytime. This is MANOEDA

Very good idea. I like the fact that E.E. gives you a version to do on stage.“- Greg Arce

I am always amazed when people take an idea I have put out and come up with other versions. Sometimes they are just okay, sometimes they are just another version with not much to offer. Rarely are there times when there is a real advance. However, this is one of those times. A brilliant diversion from the usual liar/truthteller plot. Well done.” – Banachek