Double Deception Deluxe by Mark Mason and Bob Swadling


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“Not only did THEY freak out… I DID TOO” -Nick Locapo

This coin set will never leave your pocket.

Nick Locapo lives with his Double Deception Deluxe. These coins literally never leave his pocket. When you see what’s possible with it, they won’t leave yours either.

This product isn’t cheap, but you’ll know exactly what you paid for when you’re out performing the coins-thru-shirt trick.

Download Features:

Strolling Coin Thru Silk – The perfect strolling routine, always set; perform anywhere, anytime.

Coin Thru Silk New Handling – This new gimmick allows a brand new killer handling.

Spectator Coin Thru Silk – The effect Mark is killing with! The spectator actually performs the effect themselves!

Marks Bonus Handling – A brilliant combination of all three routines, it is killer

Caring For Your Coins – Everything you need to know about maintaining and caring for this incredible set