Docc Hilford – Penguin Live Lecture (June 22nd, 2014)

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“If you already know how theatrically smart and methodologically devious Docc Hilford can be, I don’t have to tell you that his live lectures are “don’t miss” events. If you have never encountered the good Docc-tor before, you are in for the very best kinds of surprises.” -Michael Weber

“Docc Hilford is unique in the world of mentalism. A prolific creator and author, he’s successfully combined traditional mentalism with elements of bizarre magic and purely “psychic” presentations. He’s bold and dynamic with an imposing presence that, nonetheless, remains very approachable. He’s also a good friend and I like the way he thinks.” -Bob Cassidy

“Docc is a living legend. He has seeded the mentalism/magic world with originality, class, brilliance, linguistic finesse, and supreme cool. He cannot teach you to be Docc , that is DNA , but if he lets you just glimpse behind the thinking, you will have miracles galore. This lecture is worth 10 times the price. Actually it’s priceless . Don’t do it Docc.” -Marc Salem

“He’s one of the kindest guys I know, a more charming man you’ll never meet. He’s the Devil himself!” -Luke Jermay

“Don’t let Doc Lecture! His stuff is too good. It should be kept secret.. Not only are his effects practical and professional, he tips the real work in his lecture. He has to be stopped.” -Rich Marrotta

What did he teach?

Since 2002, Docc Hilford has successfully performed his impromptu Penthouse Party program for audiences in private condominiums on Miami Beach and homes on the exclusive Fisher and Star Islands.

In this lecture, Docc will perform then explain this prized complete program. The only props necessary are a borrowed deck of playing cards and a couple of paperback books. Yet Docc has charged several times more for this program than any other. He’ll explain how and why.

There are five distinct psychic tests in the program. Each one being more amazing than the last so the pace of the program continues to build to the finale’. Because the props are borrowed or on hand, the impromptu nature of the tests increase the believability.

Opening Talk
Docc will explain how to watch and participate in the experiments.

1 In 10:
Under the strictest test conditions, the mentalist finds and reveals a card from a borrowed, mixed, face-down deck. The card, however, is merely thought of by the participant before any cards are even seen.

To prove the difficulty of such an experiment, the mentalist allows a spectator to first try the same test, over and over, yet unsuccessfully.

This trick will teach mentalists how to erase procedure from the audience’s memory. It will also explain the seldom exposed secret Medium’s Method. Once learned, the secret can be applied to countless other effects.

Two participants think of playing cards. Under test conditions, without handling the cards, the mentalist entertainingly reveals both thoughts.

This trick teaches the important concept of reverse deception. Sweden’s most famous TV mentalists, Carl-Einer Hackner, claims this to be his favorite “every day” mentalism effect.

Para Opticalism
In the final playing card test, the mentalist finds and reveals several thought of cards while legitimately blindfolded. It’s a gasp creating finish to the first half set.

In explanation, viewers will learn an almost forgotten principle and how to apply it to dozens of new tricks.

The New Incredo Book Test
Based on an original method by Orville Meyer, this experiment duplicates Chan Canasta’s amazing book test. Where Canasta’s free choice test is almost impossible to perform, applying a different approach makes this effect incredibly effective and yet easy to do while retaining the integrity of a completely free choice!

The Last Act
As the most difficult experiment with words in the program, the audience collectively discover and reveal a chosen word, letter by letter, on their own.

Viewers are taught special timing techniques that make this the ultimate impromptu book effect. As clean as an expensive “Any Word on Any Page” trick book test, this effect is performed with an unprepared book.

This is the same program Docc Hilford has used for years in what he terms “Penthouse Parties”. He’ll have many stories about these revels.

And as a bonus, Docc may reveal his perfect psychological card force. Originated by him, and now performed by many top pros as a classic of intellectual mentalism.

Who is he?

Docc Hilford is a fascinating, yet real-life, character. He has been a pickpocket, hypnotist, mindreader, illusionist and kid show performer. He’s been a working cowboy in Utah and lived with the tribal medicine man on the Navajo reservation. He has also been the stage manager for Alice Cooper and he’s opened for Aerosmith and Black Sabbath with his Film Noir Magic Show. For a while, in Phoenix, Docc ran a private palmistry office specializing in exotic dancers. Plus, he earned a Doctorate of Divinity from the University of New Mexico. For a few years, he had a small psychic church in Florida which offered authentic, camp-style spiritual seances.

He has studied with a diverse group of influential teachers, including: Dusty Cravens, Orville Meyer, Mike Skinner, Ormond McGill, Thessalonia DePrince (High Priest of VooDoo) and Tony Andruzzi. He’s tried his hand at an under-water escapology and fire-eating among many other side-show stunts. He’s been the editor of The New Invocation (a magazine aimed at magical Bizarrists) and he organized and hosted The Weerd! Weekend , an international convention focused on bizarre magic.

Through the years he has been a guest of honor at magic conventions, was a featured speaker/performer at The Smithsonian Institution and in 2001 was honored at Abra-Kid-Abra for his comedy kid show. He’s made an incredible number of magic/mentalism videos, and written countless books and manuscripts for the mentalism trade. Currently, he performs for celebrities, athletes and political figures around the world.