Docc Hilford – Junky


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The best think of a card trick ever.

Junky is the ultimate psychic poker deal. A borrowed deck of cards is shuffled by the audience as much as they want and in any way they choose. They are then given a poker hand of five cards and asked to shuffle the cards they are given. They are then asked to JUST THINK of any of those cards. The entire process is fair every step of the way and becomes more impossible with each step. You’ll have no problem making this hands-off, practically self-working trick into a mind-blowing presentation.

With Junky, Docc Hilford has taken a little known underground secret and made it so much better. No asking questions and the poker deal looks more fair than ever before. He’s developed a presentation that is fun and makes sense.

What more can I say? Junky looks like real mind reading. They think of a card, and, with no questions asked and nothing written down, you tell them exactly what they are thinking. Be careful, though. This trick is extremely addictive.