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A business card is borrowed. On the blank side, four audience members write a three digit number each, one under the other. These numbers are totaled and checked by an impartial judge.

The card is shown again to each participant to verify that the numbers they wrote have not been changed and that the total is the same as checked before.

Everything, the numbers, the total, everything is openly checked and re-checked to avoid the possibility of a mistake.

With everything as transparently honest as possible, you have successfully predicted the total of the random numbers!

It’s as close to doing it for real as you can come – GUARANTEED!

  • No special pads.
  • No special notebooks.
  • A borrowed pen and paper.
  • Only one card / paper is used.
  • The numbers are never switched.
  • No stooges.
  • No helpers.
  • Nothing written on the other side, or anywhere else.
  • The participants handle the card themselves.
  • The numbers written are the numbers added together.
  • No false numbers written.
  • The participants write their own numbers.
  • One man effect.
  • No pre-show.
  • No secret gimmicks.
  • No dual reality ploys.
  • Entirely impromptu.
  • Real Time Mentalism.

It seems too real to be possible, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s exactly what happens with A.D.D.

You’ll be able to do this impossible effect with just a little bit of practice and a touch of confidence.

As a FREE bonus, you’ll get the Premium Policy. A form of insurance that GUARANTEES your success every time! There’s absolutely no way to fail!

Included with the feature length video, you’ll also get The audio book, 3+2+1, several original routines with A.D.D.

Tricks include:

Along the Watchtower

Four random spectators write a number on a borrowed business card. The numbers are totaled and checked. The total matches the EXACT TIME it is right NOW!

Britney’s Birthday

A person walking by is asked to help. Four other people think of numbers. The total is the same as the stranger’s birthday!

The Damian Storm Manual

If you like the Wizard’s Manual, now you can do an impromptu version of it.

And more…

Plus you’ll get the FREE Bonus

The Best Press Dictionary Test.

You give a notarized, sealed envelope to a dignitary. On press day, a panel selects any library in town, eight dictionaries from the shelves and one from those. A random number is made from four people’s numbers. The total is used to look up a page, column and word in the chosen dictionary.

The word matches your prediction from a week earlier!

This is great for publicity done live on an internet stream.

None of the above tricks, nor any others on the audio book can be performed with any known add-a-no method.

You can ONLY achieve them with A.D.D.

The A.D.D. package includes:

  • MP4 Video
  • MP3 Audio Book
  • PDF eBook
  • And a Live Follow-up Call