Dee Christopher & José Prager – Deepest, Darkest


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Deepest, Darkest is a routine by Dee Christopher which revolves around the concept of revealing the deepest, darkest secrets of members of your audience.

Structured like a two phase Q&A routine with elements of psychometry, this masterpiece in structure and psychology reveals several concepts which work perfectly together to create a bullet proof routine which will play out the same way every time so that you can focus entirely on your performance.

This routine can be complimented with two popular mentalism gimmicks that you may already have at home, but fear not, they aren’t necessary – you can make everything you need from stuff you having lying around the house in just a few minutes.

This is a very interactive routine which involves 11 members of your audience; one of which is your helper on stage, who does almost all the work for you without ever knowing!

The routine plays like this; Your helper hands out billets and pens to 10 random audience members, they write on the card their deepest darkest secret and fold the card into quarters. The cards are collected by your helper and fully mixed.

Your helper selects one billet to target with your powers, it’s sealed in a completely opaque envelope and is never peeked, yet you can reveal the secret inside, as verified by your helper, and the area of the audience this participant is located in.

The helper then selects another card and they seal it inside another completely opaque envelope. Once again, no peeks take place, yet somehow you reveal this secret too, revealing further details about the participant that it belongs to which leads the routine to a sinister conclusion…

This routine has a powerful method, brilliant psychological elements and a lot of theatrical dynamic range. All will be revealed in this detailed manuscript, just in time for Halloween!

A bonus routine from José Prager is included for close up performance relating to the idea of revealing secrets. This includes a very powerful peeking technique that will work with business cards in a competely opaque business card holder.

José’s Inpenetrable Peek is almost completely self working and very angle proof. The peek happens AFTER you begin the mind reading, so it’s completely inpenetrable, as the name suggests.

Also included are thoughts from Dee Christopher on José’s routine, allowing you to apparently reveal a secret that is never written down!