David Trustman & Sarah Trustman – The Memory Arts – Expansion Pack 4


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This Memory Arts Expansion Pack teaches you how to memorize … three decks of cards!

It has been said that one should change spouses before changing stacks. And there are a lot of authorities on the subject of memdeck magic that give the same solid advice; study the stacks first, then settle on memorizing the one the magician thinks is best suited to their style. But this sentiment is outdated. It stemmed from the era before The Memory Arts, where learning a new stack took much more work than simply adding a totem to your existing path.

To understand why one might want to memorize multiple stacks, consider first the current method in which most magic (most specifically mem-deck magic) is studied. The magician sits down on their favorite reading seat, cracks the book, and trick by trick reads a number of astounding feats. In this new era, stack memorization should be viewed as the least daunting aspect of mem-deck work. If a magician is interested in a stack, they should learn it and then play with it. The “which stack is right for me” guesswork is removed as each stack becomes palpable. With the ability to memorize, access, and switch between multiple stacks, the possibilities for mem-deck magic truly become endless. Thanks to David and Sarah Trustman, this is now true.

14 pages