David Stone – Penguin LIVE LECTURE (July 7th, 2019)



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What will he teach?

Ring- This is the first time David has taught his Ring in tennis ball routine which has had magicians scratching their heads since 2012

Splash bottle- Bottle production
Wall- Card to wall
The Oula Card- Card to foot
Cell- Card in cellphone
Mirage – Slow motion appearing and vanishing deck
Hologram- Appearing and color changing label
Mirage Lime- Card in lime
Torn & Restored
Double Stabbed Card Routine
Easy splash bottle
Say it Right Again
Kenny– Signed card to balloon
No Sleeve– Bottle production
Carbonnier- Torn and restored card
Glass & vodka bottle production
The Wig on the Tongue
Zenith- Card on ceiling
The wet prediction- Cards dropped in the clear bucket with water
Paperboard- Bottle from paper pad & streamer production
Tool-Demo and explanation of : 4 aces production / Think of a card/ 3 cards fly / The substitution trunk

And more…

Who is he?

David Stone is an actor, writer, lecturer, producer, FISM winner, and one of France’s foremost authorities on close-up magic. David has gained mass appeal in the world of professional magicians by continually being at the top of his game. Since ’99, he has performed his lecture on the art of Table-Hopping (professional magic in restaurants) in more than 19 countries, and is one of the most famous French magicians outside of his country.