Darwin Ortiz – Scams and Fantasies with Cards (all 4 volumes)


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Darwin Ortiz is one of the world’s leading sleight-of-hand performers with cards. He is also the author of some of the most important magic books in recent years Cardshark, Darwin Ortiz At the Card Table, The Annotated Erdnase, Strong Magic and, of course, the bestselling, Scams And Fantasies with Cards. Both At the Card Table and CardShark have appeared on video and, more recently, on DVD. Now, treat yourself to four brand-new DVDs containing the material from Scams & Fantasies with Cards! This card work is destined to take its place alongside Darwins previous works as modern classics. In this new, four-volume set of DVDs he reveals 26 of his finest card creations yet.
Effects Performed and Explained:

Volume One
-The Last Laugh
-Fastest Gun Alive
-Darwins Ambitious Card
-Appointment in Samarra
-Hitchcock Travelers
-Ultimate Oil & Water
-Ultimate FusionVolume Two
-Pass the Garbage
-Remote Control
-Maximum Risk
-No Way Out
-The Color of Money
-Liars Poker
-God of GamblersVolume Three
-The Quick & The Dead
-Walkaround Triumph
-Cannibal Holocaust
-Ace in the Pocket
-Beat the Devil
-The Zen MasterVolume Four
-Déjà vu Poker
-The Brush
-Combination Cull
-Shark Attack
-The Professional
-Raw Deal (performance only)