Danny Orleans – Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (all 3 volumes)


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Teenagers! They are so obnoxious and skeptical! Right?

Not necessarily! Danny Orleans is an expert in presenting magic to preteen and teenage audiences. In this 3-DVD set he shares over 40 years of experience performing more than 2000 shows at junior highs, high schools and private parties nationwide. Over five hours of professionally edited shows, interviews, instructions and commentary teach you the details of every routine and performance technique. You will…• Watch his show for teenagers, “The Hand Is Quicker,” including eight routines and two bonus tricks.

• Hear the commentary discussing Danny’s performance techniques that have made his shows so successful.

• See Mac King interview Danny on his approach to performing magic to teenagers.

• Learn to make and perform his entire repertoire of tricks.

• Download Danny’s essays, instructions and show script.

• Enjoy vintage footage of Danny performing in schools.

This DVD set made the top ten list of 2014 products on The content unveils many of the secrets to performing magic for audiences that are inherently skeptical. If you perform magic for young children, Danny’s expertise will give you a comfort level to work with older children. If you perform for adults, these DVDs will teach you techniques to modify your work for teen markets. Get The Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers and get a whole new approach to succeeding in this market.

“Danny Orleans shows, once again, that he understands his audiences and adjusts his material accordingly. While many performers would be eaten alive by this age group, Danny Orleans has them eating out of the palm of his hand!”David Oliver

“I am an unabashed fan of Danny Orleans. To watch a show directed to teenages and see how he kept their attention is a wonderful and valuable lesson. He is truly a general practitioner of magic who knows his business. Keep it coming, Mr. Orleans.”Doc Eason

Danny Orleans goes behind enemy lines and comes back with the secret plans: namely, how to use magic to entertain (and even educate) teenagers. You wouldn’t catch me in front of these audiences without a Kevlar tuxedo, but in Danny’s expert hands, performing for adolescents looks like child’s play. Want to learn how to make a living performing for middle-school and high school students? Buy these DVDs for priceless demonstrations, examples, and insightful instruction from a magical communicator, a truly experienced and expert professional. No hype, just the real thing from a real magician.Jamy Ian Swiss