Daniel Chard – Impact With Daniel Chard 23rd Jan 2019 – Alakazam Online Academy (FullHD quality)


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Impact By Daniel Chard
Impact by Daniel Chard is a collection of close up card magic that you can and WILL USE.
The material has been created for professionals and hobbyists alike. Material that is practical and powerful. Some of the routines will require work and others are entirely SLEIGHT FREE.
You will want to be a part of the live experience so you can ask me your questions about the material. Among the explanations, I’ll be sharing tips, ideas and thoughts that you can apply to make your magic STRONGER.
Here’s a selection of the material you’ll be learning:
-Gone – the most direct card to box routine out there, the spectator does EVERYTHING. A true GEM!
-Ace Vanish – A four ace vanish sequence that is extremely convincing, thanks to a common gaff that you own.
-Triple Bank – You reveal two cards in an impossible manner and then produce the spectators debit card from an impossible location. A real worker.
-One Person Cards Across – A reworking of the classic biddle effect, to make the vanish stronger.
-Sleightless Card Under Box – If you’ve never tried out a card under box routine due to the fear of getting caught… this is a great training tool you can use to build your confidence with the routine.
-Two Card Kick Back – A kickback transposition using two selections and the four kings. Visual magic and a powerful finish.
-Blaze – You visually destroy a deck of cards into burnt pieces leaving just one card in tact, their selection.
-Multiple Selection Discussion / Toolbox- Daniel will share a few of his favourite moves that you can use in your multiple selection routine and he’ll share some tips gained over 1000’s or performances.
-Named Dunberry – A take on the dunberry delusions with names. Multiple applications.
-Air – a four for four switch that happens in mid air.
-Carmen – A new handling of the Kenner four for four switch.
-Card Under Box Moves
And more effects and moves taught throughout the live lecture.
If you put in the work you’ll be rewarded with high impact magic that your audiences will thank you for it.
So what are you waiting for? Book your place today and I look forward to sharing with you, some of my favourite card magic.