Daniel Chard – DC Suit Production


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To produce a single card from a shuffled deck is impressive. But to produce every card in a suit, in order, from a deck while it’s being cut and shuffled – that takes the sort of brilliance that is the magic of Daniel Chard.

From a double ‘waving the aces’ production of the first two cards through to the packet flipping royal display of the courts, the DC Suit Production is a lively display of skill and acumen at the card table.

Meticulously taught over 20 minutes, it’s clear that Daniel Chard both knows his stuff – and loves what he does. In a final display of control, the full deck is spread to show that each and every card in the deck has been controlled through shuffles and cuts, to display full new deck order.

Available now via instant download.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate
Duration: 20 Minutes