Dan Harlan – Tarbell Super Sampler (vol.2)

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Dan Harlan’s Tarbell video course has been called the best way to learn magic. If you’ve been curious about what you’re missing, Dan Harlan has chosen some of his favorite miracles to give you a taste of the unique routines taught in each lesson.

1. Joe Berg’s Criss-Cross Paper Napkin: A neat variation on the torn-and-restored napkin where the tears move from one piece to another, then everything comes together in the end.

2. Tack It: Incredible speed and marksmanship are displayed in an updated version of a thumbtack trick, now using a standard staple gun to locate the chosen card.

3. Flash Card Stab: Combining danger with drama, a freely chosen and signed playing card is revealed impaled on the blade of a knife in a blazing flash of fire.

4. The Penetrating Pocket Knife: Dan’s super-clean version of knife through coat, using an ungimmicked knife and any coat or jacket, and finally eliminating that pesky piece of paper.

5. Christopher’s Telegram to Flowers: An old trick with a telegram is re-imagined as an instant check-cashing stunner with a guaranteed payoff, perfect as an opening bit.

6. The Psychic Paper: An intimate presentation perfect for one-on-one, close-up, or stage of a psychic regression to happy childhood memories.

7. Watch The Lemon: A strange arrangement of items instantly produces lemonade, completely removing the inside of a lemon without damaging the skin.

8. Frank Kelly’s Magazine and Picture Test: For the stage mentalists out there, we raise the stakes, as you bet you can tell what’s in the spectator’s mind using only a magazine and some numbered picture cards.

9. Orange and Die: A charming presentation direct from Tarbell’s act is updated as an instant transposition of two common toys, a Rubik’s Cube and a rubber ball.

10. Production of a Child: If you want something big, you’ll learn how to produce a small child, instantly on stage, using only a cloth and a chair. This brand new method requires none of the previous cumbersome contraptions and costumes, and it’s adaptable to just about any stage.

11. Senator Clark Crandall’s Cup and Balls: A wonderful Chop-Cup-style routine using a completely ungimmicked cup and three sneaky grapes. You’ll learn clever moves and strong sequences, all leading up to a final double surprise at the end. Plus, you’ll find everything you need at your grocery store.