Dan Harlan – Tarbell Super Sampler (Instant Download)


Six of the VERY BEST tricks from our popular Tarbell course.

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Hi, I’m Dan Harlan, and over the course of the last year and a half, I have been revising, updating, and modernizing the entire Tarbell course in magic.

That’s right, I perform and teach every trick in every lesson, bringing the book to life through video instruction.

I dissect every trick and tell you what’s good, what’s bad, what works and what doesn’t. Plus, I give you my ideas and help you to develop your own.

And now, in case you’re curious, I’ve chosen some of my favorite pieces to date to give you a taste of the unique routines taught in each lesson.

First, I update an unusual idea from Lesson 23 with a new method to make coins vanish from a sealed jar and arrive visibly, and audibly in a glass.

And you’ll learn a truly surprising, seemingly impromptu, trick from Lesson 24 where a borrowed dollar becomes trapped in a borrowed cigarette.

Then, I apply card manipulation techniques from Lesson 25 (with a simple substitution) to find a fistfull of dollars in an unexpected place.

Next, I take on the timeless favorite known as “The Egg Bag,” and (as usual) I deviate a bit from tradition to give you a fun, new, farm-fresh approach.

Then, a simple transposition of two different colored balls from Lesson 29 gets the Harlan treatment as I offer you two very different approaches to it.

One becomes a surprising exchange of two borrowed objects, and the other is a comedy piece that’s a sure cure for your Saturday night fever.

And finally, I tackle the time-honored Twentieth Century Silks from Lesson 30, which is perhaps the best known of all handkerchief tricks.

Can something new be done with it? You’ll see, as I put my own strange spin on it in an attempt to solve a modern mystery that’ll knock your socks off.

So, as you’ll see in this wonderful assortment, there’s plenty of incredible magic to be shared as you join me for Every Trick in The Book.