Dan Harlan – Tarbell 90 – Illusions (Video + blueprints of illusions)


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Girl in the Trunk Mystery:
Learn how to build a clockwork contraption on stage that when finished, can make anyone appear. You’ll learn how to make everything required, along with the black art platform that can be used for countless routines.

Girl in the Audience:
Learn how to lock yourself inside a hazardous materials container filled with toxic gas, vanish, and re-appear unharmed in the back of the audience.

Sawing a Woman in Half:
A complete redesign of Sawing a Person in Half. No more lying down on the job. This is upright, visual, and unforgettable. Best of all, its fun and easy to perform.

The Sword Box:
Your assistant somehow survives inside a cardboard box after you plunge several sharpened sticks through it. It’s a modern take on the classic Sword Box. All you need is one large cardboard box, a whole bunch of sharpened sticks, and one very trusting and highly-trained assistant. Keep an eye out for the awesome kicker ending.

Penetrating Steel Bars:
You will learn how to avoid being skewered by an array of sharp, silver spikes, thrust simultaneously through a cabinet while in full view of the audience. You will learn how to build everything required for this fun, visual illusion.

The Indestructible Girl:
In case you’re not convinced the spikes actually go through the man in the box, there’s a second version with one important difference. Showing the audience your face while the spike are through you!