Dan Harlan – Tarbell 85 – Card Magic Part 2


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Irving Berk’s Card-Forcing Box:
Learn how to make a ungimmicked box that will force a card (or cards) or make a signed selection come to the top all while the deck is isolated inside.

Alan Alan’s Rising Card:
A cool gadget you can build and wear that allows you to make a card rise from an ordinary deck.

The Mesmerized Cards:
Learn how to make cards magnetically cling to your palm.

Bet-A-Dollar Color Change:
A nice and easy color-change that uses a bill and requires no sleight-of-hand.

Topsy-Turvy Follow Me:
A follow-the-leader-style packet trick which allows everyone to find their own cards.

Tony Noice’s Card Transposition:
If sleight-of-hand is your thing, you’ll have some fun with this quick transposition sequence.

Rising Cards from Envelope:
Using only a couple of common office supplies, you can perform a nifty rising card routine where everything ends clean.

Seeing Through the Deck:
A strange (nearly self-working) way to pinpoint a selected card.

Two Hindu Shuffle Forces of More Than One Card:
A number of ways to force, glimpse, and control cards with the Hindu Shuffle.

The Boston-Lorayne Card Change:
A pretty color-change using a fan of cards.

Stripper Spin Reverse:
Super-slick method to gain control over multiple cards using a mixture of sleight-of-hand and a common gimmicked deck.

The Non Telephone Telephone Trick:
Magic mixed with a bit of math used to find multiple cards in a random process.

A Red & Black Separation:
You’ll learn how to get the red and black cards to instantly separate even though you’ve mixed them together face-up.