Dan Harlan – Tarbell 84 – More Mental Magic


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The Telepathic Pillboxes: A simple choice of one of three cartoon characters decorating three nesting boxes and you’re able to reveal you knew which one someone would choose.

Pavel’s Predicta-Rope: Your helper passes a psychic test by tying three ropes together in any order. The ropes are then proven to match your prediction

Bergson’s Non-Center Tear: A simple, innocent-looking substitute for a center tear or fancy peek device giving you total access to hidden information.

Spirit Transposition: You will learn to gain access to hidden information, not just mentally, but physically as well, without any gimmicks or extraneous devices.

Overdrawn: A fun routine where you can always tell how many cookies somebody has removed from the cookie jar.

Louis Phillip’s Calcutta:You will learn how to reveal any city chosen from a large selection.

Addition Prediction: Using UNO cards, you predict the sum of a 5 player game.

Ed Schuman’s Sightless Sight: A little-known and under-used principle, you’ll learn to find hidden treasure written on a card, and reveal it without looking.

Ken Beale’s Triple ESP Prediction: Three alphabet cards, chosen by a random number, spell a word… and you reveal the physical manifestation of that word.

You Read My Mind: Your helpers somehow name the face-up suit among four cards hidden in an envelope.

Ken Krenzel’s Never Say Die: A die (rolled randomly) matches the number in another person’s mind.

Mento-Pen: A sneaky technique combined with a bit of flair allows you to know what snack someone will choose to have in her lunchbag.

A Spectator Reads a Mind: You can give someone the power to see a thought-of card in a borrowed ring.

The Antique Medallion: A spectator names an imaginary animal. That name is then found engraved on the collar of a stuffed animal.

Classified Ad Prediction: Predict the exact make, model, and year of a randomly predicted used car.

Max Lister’s Easy Message Reading: A clever method that allows you to actually read a message truly sealed in an envelope and destroyed by fire.