Dan Harlan – Tarbell 81 (Modern stage magic)

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Fu Manchu’s Magic Microphone: Youll learn how to make a microphone that can be opened up, shown empty, and then used to produce various small objects. Comes complete with a full smooth jazz routine

Chinese Tape Through the Neck: A convincing penetration through the neck that can be performed with a scarf, ribbon, rope, or tie. Improved with a little twist.

Berland’s Tray Servante: An easy to make utility device that turns any tray into a versatile, secret servante.

Judge Wethered’s Black Art Tray: A utility table that allows you to make just about anything appear or vanish without sleight-of-hand. Comes complete with a cups and balls beer pong routine.

The Hindu Turban Mystery: The classic cut-and-restored rope gets a stage-size upgrade to play to a much bigger crowd.

Don Greenwood’s Lighted Cigarette Routine: A full cigarette manipulation routine with a big ending. You’ll learn how to make the craziest smoking jacket you have ever seen.

Jack Chanin’s Cigarette Routine: The cigarettes here are replaced with french fries to have a little fun with some fast food, finally ending up with a fresh vegetable snack.

George Sands’ Cigarette Production: You’ll learn all about the challenges of shooting magic underwater as a somewhat standard cigarette routine gets a completely surreal re-working.

Jimmy Herpick’s Cigarette Routine: The cigarettes here are replaced with crayons to show you how the same techniques work just as well, including the final production of a jumbo sharpie.

George Sands’ “Phantom” Cigarette: You’ll learn how to roll an invisible cigarette and make it impossibly appear in front of your audience.

David Tobias Bamberg’s Coin in Ball of Wool: A signed coin vanishes and ends up inside the center of a ball of yarn.

David Tobias Bamberg’s Ring in Ball of Wool: A borrowed ring vanishes and ends up inside the center of a ball of yarn.

Ed Reno’s Knife Through the Arm: You will learn how to plunge a pair of scissors right through your palm.