Dan Harlan – Tarbell 80 – Spirit Ties & Vest Turning


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Gysel’s Spirit Tie: You’ll learn how to be tied to a chair, yet still be able to move your arms freely. This method is used in Harlans updated spirit cabinet routine. You’ll see how to make objects move or appear from nowhere with just a brief plunge into darkness.

The Marvel Wrist Tie:
A convincing wrist tie that seems impossible to beat, but you can make your escape in mere seconds.

The Kellar Rope Tie:
With your hands securly tied behind your back, you are able to quickly remove your hand from, and replace your hand back in the tie. The infamous Kellar rope tie retains all the mystery of the original with quite a few extra weird moments thrown in.

Vest Turning:
Re-imagined as a crazy party stunt where you turn your volunteer’s T-shirt inside out while he’s securely tied.