Dan Harlan – Tarbell 52 – Mental and Psychic Mysteries (Part 2)


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Mentalism has the ability to directly engage every person in your audience, and in this lesson you’ll learn impressive ways to make that connection.

I start off with the quintessential method to read hidden thoughts written by your audience, and I give you my tips and nuances to take it to the next level.

Then, I inject a personalized connection into a devious new method where nothing is ever written down, yet you can reveal amazing details about each participant.

Next, I show you how to inject a unique aspect of yourself into the process as I treat everyone to a Theremin solo while dialing in on their thoughts.

I also teach you my preferred presentation for the perennial favorite Tossed Out Deck that keeps the focus on the stage and guarantees a big reaction.

For a change of pace, you’ll learn an intimate presentation perfect for one-on-one, close-up, or stage of a psychic regression to happy childhood memories.

Then I tackle the thorny realm of the Living and Dead Test by giving you three alternatives with much more room for entertainment. First, I explore the difference between cats and dogs. Then, I add just a touch of magic to the lost and found department to locate (and identify) a lost article belonging to my helper.

And, I teach you yet another very subtle system to easily identify (and announce) a secret bit of information. In this case, where in the world someone is hiding.

And finally, you’ll learn how to use a pencil as a medium to transfer thought impulses from one place to another. It looks silly, but it really works.

Once again, every piece has been revised, updated, and modernized with strong presentations, multi-layered subtleties, and even brand new methods.