Dan Harlan – Tarbell 51 – Card Teleportation


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This lesson is packed with presentations where playing cards pass invisibly from place to place, from “Cards Across” to “Cards Up the Sleeve.”

Now, you should know I’m a big fan of this bewildering card magic plot, having discovered you need nothing more than a deck of cards and the right attitude to fill the stage with magic and I show you how to keep it fun and interesting for everyone. You can count on it.

First, you learn my take on a mathematically-inspired method serving as a fine introduction to the concept, and it fools people familiar with palming.

Then, we progress to a sneaky technique (favored by bar magicians and close-up workers) where people swear the cards transfer but only you know the truth.

Next up is Dr. Tarbell’s own bold, hands-on method to which I add my nuances, convincers, and engaging presentation to get maximum fun with minimum effort.

Then I teach you my brand new version where three signed cards travel while trapped by my participant who gets to be the star of the show.

And, there are clever methods with envelopes, including a hidden gem combining psychology and off-tempo switches to pull off the impossible under test conditions.

Next, I know I can really count on my audience helper as I show her just how easy it is to get cards to go from here to there.

And, in a neat and surprising variation, all the red cards isolated in a wine glass switch places with all the black cards with a simple wave of the hand.

And finally, I tackle the notoriously challenging, reputation-making miracle of Cards Up the Sleeve giving you two full routines to perfect your misdirection.

So, whether you prefer close-up or stage, prepared or impromptu, easy or challenging, there’s a method in this lesson that’s a perfect fit for you.