Dan Dent – Couvert Peek 2.0

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A new edition of the fantastic Dan Dent original technique, with new ideas and versions for you, for the same price!

Exclusively at Mentalism Center you will also get extra ideas from Pablo Amira

The Couvert Peek (pronounced Coo-ver) is a simple, deceptive and completely gimmick free Drawing Duplication effect, perfect for Close-Up and WalkAround environments. It uses only one card (business card or plain billet), one small envelope and a pen, and offers a peek of half the inside of the folded card.
A drawing is made by the spectator on the inside of a folded card. They initial a small envelope, which the performer then places the card inside. The performer proceeds to duplicate the spectator’s drawing actually on the envelope itself. The card and envelope are given away to the spectator as a souvenir.
All aspects and ‘moves’ of the routine are motivated perfectly, and elements of scripting and psychology are highlighted.
The eBook contain a youtube video link featuring the ‘move’ itself. The video is to show the correct timing and rhythm of the move itself, and isn’t intended as a full tutorial of the Couvert Peek.

An addendum copy of the new material is available to download, for FREE, to all those who bought the original Couvert Peek, and can be found at the same video link found in that manuscript.

Dan Dent’s ‘Couvert Peek’ is a wonderful piece of mentalism, easy to perform and yet amazingly powerful. It allows the performer to accurately duplicate a drawing (or, if required, other pieces of information) easily and in a stress-free manner. I love the simplicity of the idea and its elegance
Paul Voodini
It looks really good! Congratulations. You have a great technique here! – 
Pablo Amira
This is a very nice and bold move that will allow you to duplicate any thought without expensive apparatus, well done my friend!
 Luca Volpe
Dan has created something very beautiful with this routine, not only is the peek easy to do, it is also extremely deceptive. Dan has impressed me in the past with his thinking and each time his ideas get better and better. If you’re looking for a peek so clean you can do it naked and with a participant burning your every move, this is it. 
Art Vanderlay
This is the simplest yet effective peek I’ve ever seen. The simplicity and the motivated undetectable peek are perfect for walkaround. No chance for the participant to catch the peek because  it is fill covered. After reading the e-book you will learn the method in minutes. 


Very nice, I like it, direct and simple to do. 
Scott Creasey