Cornered by Jofer Abata (Gimmick not included, Gimmick construction)


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Kornered, the first magic trick created by Jofer Abata. A different take to the very popular torn and restore trick. Imagine the corner of a selected card torn then the tear is relocated in another position on the card. When the spectator goes to match the corner with the new tear it matches perfectly. Very amazing and very visual. This trick is very easy to perform and can be inspected by the spectator.

  • Can be performed surrounded
  • Easy to perform
  • No threads
  • No magnets
  • Includes gimmick
  • Set-up in seconds

“This trick is dedicated to my TSC (The Story Circle) family who is always there to support me.”
– Jofer Abata 

“You should call this trick the 2nd best card trick in the world.”
– Gregory Wilson