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Over the last 10 years Collin has been studying Cardistry and using it in his professional close-up act. It is also a feature on his showreel and adds an extra visual element to his magic and general handling of cards.

Many magicians are put off learning Cardistry, as they think it is going to be too time consuming. Also, there are actually very few resources available that teach the basics and show how much you can achieve by just learning a few simple moves.

This is a complete course in False Cuts, Card Reveals and Tricks. It will become a valuable resource in your library that you will keep referring back to as you progress to more complex flourishes.

The course starts with how much you can achieve with just a basic swing cut and a swivel cut. It also covers the basics of various different grips, like Dan & Dave’s Molecule and Madonna Grip, Z-Grip, Aerial flourishes and simple Sybil Cuts, which will help you understand the basis to the more complex cuts.

Collin will also share his thoughts on why he uses Cardistry in magic and how it has improved his Card handling skills in general.