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CREATIVE PICKS  is new a collection of five hand selected secrets for the mystery performer, directly from the working repertoire of Chris Rawlins.

With these secrets you will be able to learn a single truth about your spectator.  Perform a killer drawing duplication with multiple moments of real time mind reading, and much more.

Best of all, all of this material can be adapted to your preferred working environments, what Chris uses from CREATIVE PICKS on stage, works just as well and plays just as strong casually or for smaller audiences.

This small volume contains material that will excite your imagination, get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to get out and perform these mental miracles.


The Single Truth: A utility approach for acquiring information about your spectator.

In This Order:  A simplified 3 chair test that it’s not confusing for an audience to follow, it’s very easy to perform and it has an original and surprising conclusion that gives the whole routine a purpose.

HACK: Chris’ solution to simplify the newspaper test. You will love it.

3S1D: This is a drawing duplication that Chris omitted from his book ‘Drawing Thoughts’ back in 2016. As at the time of publishing he wanted to keep this for himself. It has since become a state in his performances of Mind Reading at private parties.

CREATIVE PICKS also contains a bonus, where Chris gives a solution to a problem presented to the reader in The Jinx by Theodore Annemann.