Chris Congreave – Commercial Killers Vol. 2 – Alakazam Online Academy


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Chris Congreave is coming back to the Alakazam Academy with Commercial killers 2, the follow up course to his best selling Commercial Killers course.  In this course Chris will be sharing more of the effects he uses to wow audiances on a weekly basis.  If you love practical, fun and commercial magic you will love this course!


Routines Chris will be covering

3 cc. In the hands 3 coin production and vanish

Hopping halves plus. Self working coin trick that has kickbacks and makes you look like an expert at sleight of hand.

Free phone. A propless routine, just use your mobile phone and borrowed objects.

Chop cup. A quick and super commercial routine.

3 fly. Err a 3 fly routine…

Comedy poker deal. A self working poker deal with a comedy climax.

3 rope routine climax. A visual ending to your 3 rope routine.

Signed coin to impossible location. A borrowed signed coin vanishes and appears anywhere.

Name dropper. A super visual anniversary waltz type routine, regular cards.

Thought of card in wallet


As with all the Academy courses this course will be packed with tips, stories, banter and lots of fun!

**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus and or dates may be subject to change without prior notification