Chris Capehart – Penguin LIVE Lecture (October 18th, 2015)

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“Chris Capehart says he’s a Master Magician, and he really is. He learned his craft on the streets, and then when he came indoors — wow! He doesn’t just work a room; he owns it.” – Max Maven

“Thousands of shows on the streets make you strong and teaches many lessons and no one has learned those lessons more than Chris Capehart. He’s taken those lessons and become one of today’s top comedy magic performers in the world. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity from a true master of the craft. Chris is truly the best of the best…” – Kozmo

“Chris Capehart is one of the important forces in magic today. He is a fine magician, but more importantly, he is an artist who is primarily interested in entertaining his audiences. Watching his show is instructive in and of itself, but the opportunity to hear him lecture is an event not to be missed.” – Rich Bloch

“Why does Chris get standing ovations? It is not the effect that makes the star, rather the star that makes the effect. It’s become the combination of great timing, comedy sensibility and great Magic combined. Anyone can fill the stage with feathers and flowers. Chris can fill a stage with a single rose, that’s why he and his rings are the best I’ve seen. That’s entertainment.” – Rocco

“Chris Capehart is an amazing Master Magician. His lecture is full of practical information. He is a joy to watch.” – Losander

“Concerning Chris Capehart – Yes, I have known Chris since a teenager working the streets of Philadelphia. This is where he has sharpened his skills and he does have more know-how and skill than any magician I have known. He has worked my Super Sunday Magic Convention many, many times to standing applause. His lecture will educate everyone young and old. He is a walking encyclopedia in making a living as a magician, and his knowledge covers every part of the magic business. He will be an asset to you as a lecturer, believe me.” – Bob Little

“Chris Capehart is one of my absolute favorite magicians! He’s funny, fast, and fearless. The moment he steps out onto the stage, he owns it, and he stays in command every moment until he leaves them laughing in his wake. For audiences small and large, young and old, his results are the same and his impact immeasurable.” – Jamy Ian Swiss

“I have watched Chris do his Miser’s Dream and other coin work for our audiences for the last four years. This routine always gets them going. It is definitely a guaranteed winner.” – Michael Chaut, Monday Night Magic, New York Producer

What will he teach?

Chris Capehart Ring Routine

Ultimate Crash Link

Miser’s Dream

Street Coins Across with No Shell

Impossible Prediction

How to Make Money on the Streets and at Fairs – The title says it all. Chris has made more than 00 a week doing magic on the streets and at fairs. He now shares that knowledge with you.

The Book of Facts Card Trick – Everything in the book becomes true even down to the selected card.

Continuous Coin Trick – A coin seems to never leave the magicians hand no matter how many times he takes it.

Hands Off Card Trick – A trick with a borrowed deck. The magician never touches the deck.

And more!

Who is he?

Chris Capehart is an accomplished master magician. He is respected throughout the world by his peers, applauded for his skills by the most famous of magicians and sought after for repeat performances by clients.

Chris Capehart has done it all. In forty + years he has performed on the big stage, lectured to magicians, become a famous, accomplished street performer, created routines and mastered the linking rings. He has been published and imitated throughout the world. His skill at close-up is no less than astonishing. His quick comeback verbal skills, sharpened on the streets of New York City, have made him an outstanding comedian.

At the Abbott’s Convention 2002 he was awarded the Senator Crandall Award for Comedy. At the CAM Convention he worked with Jeff McBride. After his performance, Jeff McBride said, “He is the only magician I’ve ever seen who can bring down the house with a stock trick.”

In Las Vegas at the SAM National Convention, Chris Capehart again proved himself to be a master of magic by being the Master of Ceremony for the show. He has been labeled a promoters dream. He has been invited and is a member of 4F.

Chris Capehart is a regular headliner at “Monday Night Magic”, New York City’s longest running off Broadway magic show, at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, and at Dicken’s Parlour Theater. He has performed in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia, Hollywood, Chicago, Denver, and numerous other cities.

He is one of the few American magicians who has been asked to perform at the Magic Circle in England. Out of ten shows at the Magic Circle, Chris Capehart got eight standing ovations. A feat unheard of in London. He has also performed at The Blackpool Magic Convention, one of the biggest conventions in the world. At the convention he did twelve close-up shows, lectured to 1200 magicians, held a special session called Teach a Trick and sold over 600 DVDs and lecture notes. He has performed in over thirteen countries and has worked for three different cruise lines. He has worked for several corporations for fifteen years, and, for some corporations even twenty years! And, last but not least, he has been featured on the cover of Genii Magazine, December 2008 edition. It took 17 pages to tell his story. Chris Capehart is a magician not to be missed.