Cameron Francis – TRI-EFFECTA: Three Close Up Card Miracles


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Cameron Francis presents three stunning close up effect using a totally normal deck of cards.

COLLECTORS ITEM – Inspired by the great Roy Walton effect, this is one of the fairest “Collectors” routines you’ll ever find. The four kings are introduced and placed aside. Three cards are selected and the deck is cut into three piles. Each selection is fairly placed on top of each packet, and then the packets are shuffled by the magician and the spectator. The spectator then decides on which packet the Kings are placed (no magician’s choice!). The deck is reassembled. The magician gives a click and when the cards are spread, the four Kings are discovered in the middle of the deck with three face down cards interlaced between them. They turn out to be the three selections.

GUARDED – A super clean teleportation effect. A card is selected and sandwiched between two Jokers. The two red Jacks are introduced and placed aside. The Joker sandwich is cut into the middle of the deck. When the cards are spread, the selection is no longer between the Jokers. The Jacks are flipped over and the selection is discovered between them.

FIRED UP TRIUMPH – A super easy to do Triumph that looks incredibly fair. A card is selected and returned to the deck. The deck is then cut into several face up and face down packets. The packets are flipped over on top of each other and then shuffled for good measure. But when the deck is spread, all of the cards are face down save for one face up card in the middle: the selection.

While the tricks aren’t self working, they only required very basic sleights and are within the grasp of most intermediate magicians. The effects are also almost completely impromptu and do not require any duplicates or gaffed cards.

Upon purchase, you will receive three links to video downloads that you can either watch online or download to your computer.