Cameron Francis – Out/In (Instant Download)


A powerful combo of eye-popping visuals guaranteed to fry everyone in the room.

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This trick fooled me the first three times I saw it. Then I broke down and watched the instructional video.

The reason “Out/In” gets such great reactions is that SO MUCH MAGIC happens so quickly.

1. A card morphs into their SIGNED CARD. In full view!
2. Then it transforms again IN THEIR HANDS.
3. Their SIGNED CARD then appears INSIDE THE CARD BOX.

In other words, card magic fireworks.

PROFESSIONALS: This trick was clearly developed by a worker. It uses an ordinary deck, resets instantly, and is super easy to learn and takes up no extra pocket space. You’ll love it.

Cameron Francis has perfected “Out/In” over hundreds of performances — AND IT SHOWS. Every step of the thinking is perfect, and really we’d expect nothing less from a full-time pro like Cameron.